Saturday, July 5, 2014

Large Cartoon Photo of my Sun EZ Speedster CX

This is a larger photo of me on my Sun EZ Speedster CX SWB recumbent.

The Sun Speedster is a very maligned bike. 

My experience has been that a lot of bicycle shops didn't set them up correctly.  Sun only sells to bicycle shops because they know that most owners have no idea how to properly set up and adjust their bikes.  The problem was, the only information on how to properly set up the Speedster, was a photo on the Sun website.  No written instructions.  You had to pay really close attention to details in the photo.

The additional problem that a lot of riders had, was attempting to ride the Speedster with the handlebar stem poking up vertically (90 degrees to the ground).  This makes for really squirrely handling.  That's the position you have them in for getting on or off the bike.  But to ride, you need to have the steering stem locked back closer to your body similar to that in the photo above.  Then it handles very sedately.

So, due to the usual comedy of errors ... I was able to purchase my Speedster from a bicycle shop for only $400 (brand new).  After setting it up properly, I've had many enjoyable years riding it!!

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