Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mach2 in Blue

       Once upon a time at D.I. in St. George, I bought a "Giant" mt bicycle.  Eventually I cut it up and welded it into a Mach2 frame.  A.D. Carson's Mach2 Instructions
       And then it hung on the wall in the shop for a long time.  So, the other day I decided to cut apart the rear end of my TE Clone and straighten the angle of the rear wheel.  Which means I needed to pull down the Mach2 and throw it together so I have a LWB recumbent to ride.  Anyway, at the moment I scrounged up enough long cable to connect the front brake and the front derailleur ... still need some really long ones for the rear.  That means I only have a 3 speed (the one tiny one on the rear, varied by the 3 crank rings on the front.)  It's not really up to hill climbing yet.  But I'm having a great time racing around town on it.  Foto follows:

It has a sticker on it from when it was registered in SLC onetime.
(Just back of the upside down word "Giant".)