Monday, March 10, 2014

Axle Plates for any Cart or Sulky Plan

Here's some more detail on the axle plates used on the Freighter or Dog Sulky ...

 This shows the type of electrical box covers to buy ... the top right one.

 Drill then hacksaw the slot

 Forming them to the tubing so you can weld or bolt them ...

Using a straight edge to line them up before welding or marking to drill

Dog Sulky

I noticed that someone was asking about building a sulky to be pulled by a dog.  Plans for such a sulky were in a 1983 book titled "The Cart Book With Plans and Projects" by William L. Sullivan.  This book is out of print.  I haven't searched lately to see if it is obtainable.

Here's probably enough information to be able to construct one on your own.

 The parts list is in the first photo ...
 Look at the electrical box cover plates used to hold the axles - bolted or welded on ...
 Here are the markings to use with a pipe bender
 These are the pieces for making the seat
 The harness is a critical component - adjust according to the dog
That's it.  I didn't want to post every page of the entire chapter ... figured this was enough

Warrior Flag3

Today I got a couple of photos of the flag in action ... as my neighbor rode it up and down the street.  I'm still amazed that I can turn a 360˚ circle inside of the 16 feet width of the narrow road out front.

Here we are seeing the flag from the front as Dan rides towards me.

Here is Dan riding away from me.  The flag position looks pretty good to me ... out there, but not obtrusive enough to warrant a citation.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Warrior Flag 2

Based on advice in the AtomicZombie forum, I shortened my bracket and pulled the flag in closer to the body of the trike.  From the front of the trike, you can see that the flag tip is the width of the trike when making a left turn.  I also had to tighten up the left axle bolt, and the under-seat steering unit.  Less slop in my steering and front end now.  Don and I rode our trikes together yesterday on a short 2 mile circuit.  Racing downhill back towards the shop was a lot of fun!

This is looking straight down the center of the trike (no rear wheel sticking out to either side).

Side-by-side rear photos for comparison.  Do a vertical line up from the left front tire and look at the difference in the amount of pole visible before it hits the base of the flag.  I definitely brought it in.  But still feel comfortable with the "protection" that it affords.