Friday, March 20, 2009

Drop-outs Welded

Drop-outs are those things that connect the wheel with the frame.

This is the side that the derailleur attaches to ...
after I get the correct tap to thread the big hole.

AND, they have to be attached evenly so the axle is straight across and the tire is centered between the forks and is vertically straight.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seat Support Update

Notice that this time around, we have clearance for the chain.

Here's the sideview a.k.a profile

Building Seat Support -- Twice

I made this seat support piece and mounted it on the frame.
Then I stood out to the side and looked at it ...
Then I went inside and brought out a long length of chain ...
Put the chain around the large gear on the back and stretched it up over the top chain roller ... there's a problem ... it's pushing upward against the seat support unit.

I also saw that I couldn't mount the brakes on the top of the frame ...
same problem -- chain conflict.
Which means I'll have to adjust the rear dropouts forward ...
I haven't welded them on yet.

Here are the two seat support units side-by-side.
The one on the right will provide enough chain clearance.
If you are wondering what all the little tack-welds are for ...
I found that if I use a single layer of EMT tubing,
it bends when you sit in the seat and move side-to-side.
So, I split the tube down the center ... took one half and using a hammer to tap on it on a round section of tubing. This flairs the outside piece so that it will fit snugly against the other half. Then I tack-weld them together and they make a much more rigid seat support tube.

Here all by itself is the seat support unit that I am going to use.
Good thing I didn't start drilling holes in the main tube yet ...
I'll use this as the jig to drill the holes for the bolt that will lock the unit firmly in place at the proper distance for the new owner.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rear Forks

Clamped to weld on rear forks ...

With the front forks, the rear forks, and a couple of wheels mounted, it is starting to look somewhat like a recumbent bicycle ...

Now it just needs dropouts, derailleurs, crank & pedals, A SEAT, handlebars, and a chain.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Start of Rear Forks

Here the main tube is clamped in the jig.
The black forks on the left will be used for rear forks.
Notice that I cut the head tube off about 3/8's inches below the bottom bearing support. This is so that I can use it for a steering unit in another project. And leaves enough room to weld the tab on it below the bearing to connect to the front forks.

I still have to mark and drill the holes near the rear of the main tube (on your right in this foto) ... and build the block to hold the axle-end of the forks in position when I clamp the main tube on the other side of the jig to weld the forks to it at the proper angle (those two empty "u" blocks over there will hold the main tube with the bottom bracket hanging downward over the right end).

Friday, March 6, 2009

All but the rear forks

Here's the view from head on ...
You can see the front forks (purple), Bottom Bracket for the front crank (silver), the front derailleur post (blue), and the chain rollers (red).

Here's a 3/4 view ...
What's missing are the rear forks at the other end of the main tube.
The plans recommend chromolly tubing bent 90°.
I have EMT tubing, but that didn't seem very strong.
I'm still working on them ...

Here's a right side view ...
the rear forks attach to that left end of the main tube.