Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finished Product?

This young fellow can't keep his hands off what is supposed to be his older brother's trike ...
Guess which one is most likely to ride this trike ...
2/3 rd's of the time ... probably this grandson.

This is a front quartering view.
16" front wheel
Geartrain from 24" bike

Right side view.
Pink steer rod from my "Bubblegum" lowracer.

Rear view.
S&B fiberglass seat with cover.
20" wheels

Here's a video of him riding by
just to show that it works.

Paint Job

My wife and the grandkids kept insisting that I needed to paint the trike.
So here's the frame with an undercoating on it.

I dislike spray painting when it is windy ...
but that was the only choice at the time.
Which meant I had to get way too close and some areas
aren't as nice as I'd like.

Another view of my classy paint shop.
Grandson wanted fluorescent lime green.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Disk Brake Frame Bracket

Okay ... the disc brake assembly bolts to that plate (see blog further down this page) ... the plate is screwed down onto these two tabs.

Of course, I couldn't mark where the tabs go without having the rotor disc mounted ... so I could get the correct spacing from the frame ... and the correct angle to fit the brake unit around the rotor.  Anyway, I positioned it ... looked at it carefully ... marked it with a sharpie ... took the axle off the frame ... held the brake unit (with tabs) in place ... tacked each tab ... took the brake unit off ... and finished welding the tabs in place.  Spent lots of time "truing" the rotor unit in hopes that it will rotate without side-to-side wobble.  

Making an Idler Wheel - Roller

This is my vertical lathe ... I needed some way to turn roller skate wheels into idler rollers ... This is being used on the return side of the chain on another recumbent that has a long swinging return chain.  Anyway, I tack welded a scrap piece of pipe to a scrap length of strap ... clamped it to my drill-press table ... which provides me with a tool rest.  I use my 1/4" straight chisel to "turn" the wheels (hollow out a chain groove) .  Sweet!