Friday, February 20, 2009

Bentech starting

I've built one of these before.  This was made with a muffler pipe and a Huffy Mtn bike (the Huffy front forks became the rear forks on the Bentech SWB).  I had USS (under seat steering) on it.  It ended up being a favorite bike due the ease of transporting it and because of sitting high enough that I was quite visible in traffic.  That's very important when you are riding through a BIG city.
Anyway, back to construction ...

Here's the maintube (muffler pipe again) clamped in the jig.
This tube is a little long ... I could only buy a 10 ft. length,
so I had it split into two 5 ft sections ... a muffler shop did the bend for $2

This is just the start ... shortening & drilling comes next ...

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sleepless said...

How cooperative of the muffler shop !!