Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bubblegum drawings

I spent a day with the Redondo lowracer ...
taking fotos and doing full scale drawings.
Ostensibly this is for Smitty to make one for himself ...
or plans for someone else to make their own.

The drop-outs were easy ...
I held the paper right up against them and outlined them.
The rest of the form (frame) was kind of iffy ...
because it isn't exactly flat ... I was sorta outlining it
with the pen ... then straightening the lines,
and getting the proper widths.
I did manage to get all the critical angles
with a large woodshop protractor

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mach2 - latest changes

At this stage ... I have a different fork on the front ...
Not sure if it is raked too much ... have to ride it and see.
I used an adjustable angle pyramid neck.
And I stuck a seat on it.
I need to throw a few more parts on it, ride it, and see what to do next.

Rather than 90° bending a tube ...
I heat bent a "U" which connects thru a delrin plug/tube.
That's a 1" EMT tube welded to it.

At the top end of the steering tube ...
I inserted a smaller tube with an inside diameter of abt 7/8".
So I could insert the steering gooseneck and handlebars.

Here's a sideview of that front fork ...
I'm still thinking about that ...
may go with a different fork ... we'll see.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Done! _ Braking Solved ...

Finally solved the braking problem with the trike ...
$50 plus shipping & handling
gives you this Avid BB7 disc brake ...
which will skid the rear wheel (much to grandson's delight).
That other disc brake just wasn't stopping anything.
At last! I am done with the headache of this project.

Now I can get back to working on the Mach-2 ...
and making the jig for a Bentech SWB recumbent.
I still have the tubing for another Lowracer & another DeltaWolf.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fotos for A.D. Carson

A.D. Carson sent me an email requesting some better fotos of the Mach2 ... particularly of the welding on the bottom tubes. The lines of the bottom tubes looks pretty good. My welding is NOT all that great. All I can say is that I manage to stick things together. And use a grinder to smooth the mess out ...

This is where the bottom tubes connect to the Bottom Bracket.
Needs more grinding ...

Topside view of bottom tubes connecting to the rear triangle.

Bottom view of the bottom tubes connecting to the rear triangle.

Side view of bottom tubes connecting to the rear triangle.
I like the way the lines flow without too bulky connections.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mach 2 Update2

I welded on the bottom tubes ...
This is an indoor shot at night so it isn't well lit and I couldn't reall get back far enough to get a good side-view shot.

This is a shot of the front end.

I ground off the stubs and welded the bottom tubes directly to the BB
This gives a cleaner line directly back to the rear.

I did some hacksaw cuts so the tube ends would overlap the portions of the rear forks. This made for a cleaner looking transition. Also tacked the seat tube to the bottom tubes.