Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Rear Frame

Well, I was gone a week ... and then I just walked past the shop and looked at it. I haven't ordered the pillow block bearings yet ... so I'm kind of at a stand still. I've got axles cut and drilled for the hubs. Haven't drilled the spoke holes for the hubs ... so I haven't welded those. I guess that is a project I should make a jig for and get on with.

I did weld up another rear frame. And have the pieces cut to make the main frame ...

I really should weld up a bottom bracket ... toss a seat on the frame ... and see what length it really needs to be. I've been dubious about the mainframe length ever since I put a seat on the first one and stretched my leg out ... it looked way too short.

So I haven't even begun to cut the 3rd frame out of the 1-1/2" tubing ... :-p

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Drilling Jig for Hubs & Axles

I made this little jig so that I could consistently and easily drill the corresponding holes in the hub and the axles. The jig is made from a piece of old bedframe. Notice that when I drill the hub, I insert one of the AN970 washers

that has been cut to fit the "V" of the jig. When drilling the axle, I remove the washer so that I can accurately drill the correct location that the hub would fit on the axles with just the tip of the axle showing with the outside washer on. Do you understand what I just attempted to say? Ok Fine. :0)

Hub Mock-up

After removing the inside seam ... the axle rod slides smoothly thru the black pipe and the AN970 Flat Washers. Since the washers don't have the spoke holes drilled into them yet, I'm not about to weld the hub together.

Removing Inside Seam

To get rid of the seam on the inside of the pipe ... I started with my Dremel tool and a small grinding stone. I went back and forth across the seam to cut it down. I did this from both ends. Then I used this monster-big rattail file that is about 5/8" in diameter to wear down the ridge in the part I couldn't reach with the Dremel. When the file slides easily thru from either end ... it slides beautifully onto the axle bar.

Seam Inside Black Pipe

The 5/8" axle won't fit thru the pipe due to this seam on the inside ... otherwise it is a very close fit ... an even better fit than the AN970 Flat Washers that I bought from Aircraft Spruce (got a package of 10 washers).

Measure Twice ... cut once

I've got my handy square set at 3.5" (or 3-1/2" for those decimally challenged). Then I squat down to look directly at it as I set the tube cutter for the 3.5" length of pipe needed to go between the washers to make the wide removable hubs for the rear wheels.

Tube Cutter

A tube cutter is a handy little tool that should cut a perfect circle around the pipe so you have a reasonably flat end ... I say should because mine wore off a tiny spot and started trying to cut a spiral ... at which point I had to go back to using the hacksaw.

Black Pipe

In order to make hubs for the rear wheels ... so they are removable ... you start with black pipe. You can get this at Lowes or Home Depot in the Plumbing Section. I got mine at Lowes. Click on the image to see a close-up. It is listed as being 1/2" black steel pipe. And comes in various lengths. I got a 30" length because I intend to make 3 sets of hubs and a couple of widgets that will bolt to the axle to hold the disk for the disk brake.

Trike Progress

Believe it or not, but there has been some progress on the trike ...

The rear frame is completely welded ... it bows slightly (the open ends point slight inwards). I had to make the middle pieces 1/4" longer because the plans call for using 1-1/2" tubing ... and I made the mistake of getting 1-1/4" tubing ... and then cut the tubing specified for the lengths for the bigger tubing. Oh well. So, lots more welding, grinding, and re-welding.

I completed and welded on the gusset under the seat tube area ... put a 3" metal pulley on there (found cheap at Lowes) ... the grandkids will just have to live with the extra noise ... and not being confident about the joint between the main tube and front tube ... I welded a strip of re-enforcing metal to strengthen that. And I stuck the front forks on just for fun.

I did cut 3" off the length of the seat tube ... because I intend to put 20" tires on the rear ... and a 16" tire on the front.

I'm making plenty of mistakes on this 1st one ... by the time I get to the 3rd one, I should have a good trike for myself.

Newbie Welder

I'm pretending that I know how to weld ... I bought a small MIG welder ... and have had several previous attempts at welding ... and it really doesn't look good ... lumps and spatters all over the place.  I grind them down ... then take them outside in the sun and look for leaks  ... then go weld some more ... grind some more ... etc.  Of course, too much of that and it warps the metal so it is no longer straight -- Dang!

Anyway, it is my intention to build a Deltawolf Recumbent Trike ... kind of like the one at  I have the tubing for 2 of them cut out ... and material to make a 3rd one.