Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mexican Cargo Trikes

In SoCal, they are very inventive ... they get used or cheap Mtn Bikes and modify them for use as cargo bikes. The frame is welded up from 1/2" square tubing ... with two 26" front tires. The cargo box is welded to the front fork in 2 places and welded to the handlebars as well. They don't usually carry more than 50 - 100 lbs. (max 50 Kg).
The box sits up high for easy vending.  They vend fruits, peanuts, cotton candy and various other items throughout the Spanish neighborhoods.
I had hoped to get a foto of one of these ... and two of them showed up this morning at Jack's bikeshop. By means of a little English (one of them), a little Spanish (me), and some sign language ... I helped Jack figure out what they wanted. Basically one trike needed the rear brake pads replaced and the brake cable fixed. Maybe I should get together with my neighbors and find out what the Spanish words are for the various parts and conditions of the bicycle. That might help Jack and I in the future.

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