Monday, September 22, 2008

Engine-Frame Problems

I got in this nice 2-stroke, single-cyclinder motor from Bob at BlueCollarBikes. The first problem I noticed was that the diameter of the front tube was too large ... so the bolts wouldn't slip around it and there would be problems bolting the engine to the front tube.

The seat tube was okay to bolt the rear of the engine to ... but it doesn't look like I will be able to attach the carburetor to the engine (see that little tube touching the top bar? That's where the carb attaches.) ... just not enough room inside the frame.

There is this old Peugeot sitting around ... and the frame tubes are the right diameters ... and the engine will fit inside the frame (complete with carburetor) ... but for some reason the pedals don't have enough spread between them (which means they will hit the case ...) and not go all the way around. I've got emails out (to motor bike aficionados) looking for solutions to these problems. Maybe I'll have to go to the flea-market and buy an old single-speed bike ...

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