Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Slow Progress ... Mach 2

Several years back, I cut up this bicycle to make a Mach 2 designed by A.D. Carson. It's kind of like a Tour Easy clone, but with a lower frame profile.
Anyway, I've finally started to work on the frame ... It was all kind of rusted and such ... so I've sanded, still have to grind the welds, and add the bottom tubes. Then I'll make a seat for it ... bend up some EMT tubing and weld it together. Then I'll have to seriously experiment with USS (under seat steering).

This is the view from the end ...
It's not too far out of whack ...
I'll tweak it some more before I weld the bottom tubes on.

Here's a look at the front triangle.
You can see that I ground the former bottom tubes off the bottom bracket (BB). At the moment it has a Schwinn front fork which has been modified for a 20" wheel. And, from the decals, you can tell that it used to be a "GIANT" bicycle. The Salt Lake City registration decal reminds me that I bought this bicycle from the D.I. Thrift Store in
St. George, UT. As I progress ... I'll show more fotos.

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