Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mach2 - latest changes

At this stage ... I have a different fork on the front ...
Not sure if it is raked too much ... have to ride it and see.
I used an adjustable angle pyramid neck.
And I stuck a seat on it.
I need to throw a few more parts on it, ride it, and see what to do next.

Rather than 90° bending a tube ...
I heat bent a "U" which connects thru a delrin plug/tube.
That's a 1" EMT tube welded to it.

At the top end of the steering tube ...
I inserted a smaller tube with an inside diameter of abt 7/8".
So I could insert the steering gooseneck and handlebars.

Here's a sideview of that front fork ...
I'm still thinking about that ...
may go with a different fork ... we'll see.

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