Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not Much Different ... But Changes

The Mach2 doesn't really look much different from last time ...
Still waiting on cables ...
Having ridden it several times ... I made some small changes
that are important to me.

It seemed like a good idea that the steering could be moved up and down ... But after riding it several times ... all that movement really irritated me. So, I pulled out the delrin (plastic) plug and cut the middle out of some funky handlebars. This foto shows that piece welded in where the delrin used to be ... and clamped solid at a good ride-able height. Just one less moving thing ... and it rides better because of it.

Even though the seat support bracket was hose-clamped to the main tube ... it tended to rock from side-to-side. If you off-balanced, it would roll to the side (like a horse saddle that wasn't properly cinched) ... and down I'd go. I centered it where it felt right ... then tack-welded it at the corners so it wouldn't move anymore. Way much better!

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sleepless said...

You are quite the welder !!