Saturday, March 7, 2009

Start of Rear Forks

Here the main tube is clamped in the jig.
The black forks on the left will be used for rear forks.
Notice that I cut the head tube off about 3/8's inches below the bottom bearing support. This is so that I can use it for a steering unit in another project. And leaves enough room to weld the tab on it below the bearing to connect to the front forks.

I still have to mark and drill the holes near the rear of the main tube (on your right in this foto) ... and build the block to hold the axle-end of the forks in position when I clamp the main tube on the other side of the jig to weld the forks to it at the proper angle (those two empty "u" blocks over there will hold the main tube with the bottom bracket hanging downward over the right end).

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