Saturday, April 11, 2009

Procrastination -- and Frame Problems

There was a problem with the frame ...
When you clamped the bare frame in the jig and looked at it straight on from the front to the rear, it looked like the front end and bottom bracket were twisted to one side.
The rear forks were SOLIDLY welded into place, so what could I do about it? I thought about it, and thought about it. Kind of a slow thinker. And PROCRASTINATED, because I was so upset with the frame. Finally I cut a piece of stock main tubing about 2" long. Clamped it sideways in the vise and started cutting strips out of the length ... creating quite a gap ... until it would squeeze tightly together and just barely slide into a piece of main tubing stock.
Then I took my hacksaw and cut perpendicular across the main tube of the frame about 3" up from the rear forks. Using a round file, I filed in little half-round chunks out of the edge of the main tube. Slid the insert into the main tube and tack welded it into place. Then I slid the insert into the rear section ... put it in the jig ... and made sure the entire frame flowed straightly from front to back ... before finishing welding it all back together.

Now it is straight.
I feel so much better about it !! Now I can finish it!
with No major structural flaw.
Just small things and the steering before I get
it powder coated.


sleepless said...

Wow Bro...that is alot of work !! COOL THAT IT WORKED !!

David said...

Alignment problems such as this are common when one side of a weld gets heated and then the other. Even though you tacked it. The solution is sound and used by many builders. Bravo for recognizing it and having the strength of heart to deal with it rather than be permanently unhappy.

Anonymous said...

It seemed terrifying at the time ... and terribly frustrating. As you can see above, it is getting closer to a finished product.

- Freth :0)