Monday, November 9, 2009

Drive Wheel Clearance

This fork was made according to plans. But the plans didn't take into consideration putting a wheel in there with a drive-ring on it for a GEBE engine. I thought I had about 1/4" clearance, but it turns out that I only have 3/16" clearance between the drive-ring and the fork. So, it is workable ... provided nothing goes wrong. I think that next time I will make the front end of the fork about an inch wider than called for in the plans. That would give an extra 1/2" on each side.

Maybe that is too much. Perhaps only 1/2" wider at the front ... giving an extra 1/4" on each side. ( 1/4 + 3/16 = 7/16") That sounds better now that I think about it ... don't want to make it too wide if you are mounting a "V"-brake on the rear wheel (what with posts and all that).

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Janesville-Dan said...

Hey Freth-

I've been following your blog, as
I am at the same spot with my Warrior.
I have a few questions for you.
I have purchased a couple of 20 wheels for the sides.
They are 14mm hubs 48 spokes.
I'm trying to purchase some disc brakes, but haven't pulled the trigger yet on any.
Need some advice. Do I build my own hubs, and then make an adapter?