Friday, December 31, 2010

Bakfiets Cargobike -- "Long John"

On his website, Tom, tells how to make a simplified two-wheeled, Long John style, cargo bike.  So, while I am waiting around to get the metal to make the cargobox for the other bike ... I cut up a couple of spares and started making this bakfiet cargobike.

 This is from a little girls 20" bike.  The two tubes connected to the headset are cut off just short of the seat tube.  Then a wedge is taken out of the underside of the top tube so that it bends down parallel with the bottom tube ... narrower than 3/4" EMT tubing.

 5 ft. lengths of EMT are bent at a 45 degree angle ... on my bender that looks closer to 60 degrees ... but according to the compass that I compared the tubes against, it was only 45 degrees.  Maybe I need to re-check that and bend them some more ... hmmm??

 Anyway, they are placed in the gap alongside the tubes connected to the headset ... and the whole thing will be welded (at least tacked) together.  Now I need some 1-1/2" tubing to extend the headset on the rear frame.

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sleepless said...

Oh, I see what you mean by cargo bike !! Rather interesting !!