Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Cargo Bay

I'm working on the cargo bay for the Long-Tom.  Tom thinks that only 24" wide is good for going through doorways.  I decided to go with 26" wide.  I only wasted a bit of EMT tubing in the process of figuring out  How to get each side 13" wide with two 90° angles and a total length of 23" (or 23-1/4").  Once I had two of those that matched, I put them on the floor and welded them together.  Then cleaned off the welds with the grinder.  I centered the frame, clamped it in place on the bicycle frame, and tack-welded it into place.

You'll notice that the cargo frame isn't exactly flush with the bicycle frame.
So there will be a slight backward slant to the floor.
However, it butts up against the bottom of the top tube
and firmly up against the headset tube in the rear.
It's not going anywhere.

This is looking at the bottom of the cargo frame ...
before 45° braces were installed.

There it is out in the sun with handlebars.
You can also see the 45° support bars that I welded to each end of the cargo floor.
Oh yes, I cleaned and re-greased the bearings for the bottom bracket and put the crank back in.
HOWEVER, I don't yet have the steering rod attached ...
Which makes the bike a little awkward to move around.
(the handlebars just spin 
and the front wheel goes any which way)

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