Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Cart Book With Plans & Projects - Freighter Cart

 I bought the hardbound edition of this book back around 1983 when it was published.  Like so many good books, it is long out of print.  I scanned the pages talking about how to make the Freighter bike cart and have them in a PDF.  This is a really great cart.  I think the Bicycle Touring Cart is also a very handy cart as well.  I've made one of those too, but my cousin has it now, so I need to make myself another one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Freth, I guess you don't get to check your comments so often, have you seen my previous conmments re the freighter? if you have the chapter 12 in pdf format could you email it to me, I would also be interested in the bicycle touring cart if its not to difficult for you could i have that also? Thank you in anticipation.

David Payne

Freth said...

I don't usually come to check comments and such ... unless I have been working on one of the bikes and have new fotos and commentary to input. ... Like today. Sorry you had to wait so long for feedback from me. :0)