Saturday, August 6, 2011

Freighter Cart 2

 The materials list and information here is nice to have.

This is the really important part ...
making the bends. 
Using this information from page 150 you can make any number of different carts.  The axle plates are made with plain electrical box covers that have no punch-outs, and have corner slots for screws (which in the diagram have been cut off). If you need more information about the axle plates, click on the link to axles or freighter cart plans and it will take you to that blog entry.


David Payne said...

Freth, i love your blog and work!
May I ask how does the text on page 149 (freighter cart plans)continue? it ends with - this way each - and then the next page 150 containing Fig. 12-3. I would be grateful if you could post the rest of the text, I'm guessing its on page 151? Thanks in anticipation

Anonymous said...

Hi Freth, this is David Payne again ( don't know if you have seen my comment of the other day re the freighter plans in pdf. the text on page 149 runs out with This way each... i guess the text continues on page 151? i f you have chapter 12 in pdf format could you email it to me please? May i ask you a question re fig 12-3. I seems to me that at bend A 2x 13cm does not add up to anywhere near53.3 cm as in the top view. 2x13 is 26cm, looking at fig. 12-1 looking at the rear of the trailer clearly the frame is not 26 cm wide. The question, "Is this a miss print, or something lost in transposition" or am i getting old and don't understand the diagram? I would value you imput on this. Thanks in anticipation.
David Payne