Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Rear Frame

Well, I was gone a week ... and then I just walked past the shop and looked at it. I haven't ordered the pillow block bearings yet ... so I'm kind of at a stand still. I've got axles cut and drilled for the hubs. Haven't drilled the spoke holes for the hubs ... so I haven't welded those. I guess that is a project I should make a jig for and get on with.

I did weld up another rear frame. And have the pieces cut to make the main frame ...

I really should weld up a bottom bracket ... toss a seat on the frame ... and see what length it really needs to be. I've been dubious about the mainframe length ever since I put a seat on the first one and stretched my leg out ... it looked way too short.

So I haven't even begun to cut the 3rd frame out of the 1-1/2" tubing ... :-p

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