Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frame Work

It's 91 Degrees and 88% humidity ... so after getting home from delivering the load ... I decided to go out in the shop and do some more work on the 1st DeltaWolf trike frame ... this is the one my grandson has his eye on ...
I tacked the rear frame onto the main tube ... then measured from a common point on the front of the main tube back to the corners of the frame ... made sure the rear axle was evenly distributed ... and measured from the ends to the common point. Both sides were the same ... so hopefully it will ride okay.
Next, I cut a 16" length of 3/4" EMT tubing (cheap galvanized stuff that I got in the electrical section in Lowe's). After I shaped it to fit the space between the corner of the rear frame and the main tube just above the gusset area ... I cut another piece of tubing to match. I filed off the galvanizing along the ends so it would weld better and not gas me. I clamped the frame in the vice and then tacked the support tubes into place. Now that everything was stable ... I could finish welding the rear frame to the main tube ... and both ends of the support tubes.
You'll notice that I put one of the 20" rims that I laced up on the end of the axle ... I haven't trued it or bolted it onto the axle yet. The axle also hasn't been cut in the middle yet. Soon.
I still have to mull over how I will be attaching the seat to the frame ... it's a fiberglas one that I obtained from S&B Recumbents in Gardena, CA.


Myhouse4nine said...

So how'd you fix it? Clip them off?

Freth said...

The bike shop says that after they are trued up tight, we trim them off with a Dremel tool.