Friday, July 25, 2008

Mandatory Foto

At this point it finally looks like something valid is happening with all those bits and pieces I've been collecting. The rear wheels are laced and bolted to the axle, the rear frame is braced and welded to the main tube, the front fork is on and has a wheel in it. The basic frame has come together and has wheels to hold it up off the ground!

No the axle hasn't been split into two yet ... an interesting thing happened while welding the rear frame to the main tube ... the rear frame WAS slightly arched and putting stress on the axle ... but it un-arched somewhat and the axle spins freely now. My grandson keeps asking when it will be done ... my response, "In due time, when I have all the parts."

Well, you can push it around, but it isn't rideable yet ... the seat comes next ... then I'll start working on the gear-train ...

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