Friday, May 22, 2009

Further Along, but ...

There it is with a mesh seat cover, rear derailleur, and crank & pedals on the front.  Almost looking like a real recumbent.  

The new owner has a 28-inch inseam ... which places the seat up very close to the steering stem.  AND, he wants the seat almost vertical.  It is tilted back just barely enough for the chain line to clear the bottom of the seat fabric.  HOWEVER, I can just barely squeeze in between the seat and the steering stem.  And getting back out (getting the bike to drop down off me) is very difficult ... it would almost be easier to flop over sideways onto the ground and crawl out (OUCH!).  
SO, I have to do something about making a tilting steering mechanism.

Here is the rear derailleur attached to the dropout.
There are two other smaller holes that I had to tap threads into for use of the seat stays and a possible future rear rack or Golden Eagle gasoline engine.

Here's looking at the threaded holes from the inside of the frame.

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