Friday, May 8, 2009

The Skeleton stands

Needs: Seat Cover, crank & pedals, chain, and cables.

I've been slow at figuring these things out ... so have procrastinated.
Read a book the other day about First-Borns and found there was a type like that ... it's always great to have an excuse ... altho they called it "frustrated perfectionist" ... frustrated yes. perfectionist ... are you kidding me?

Steering stem attachment.
a length of seat tube off a small bike that would clamp around the neck thing that usually holds handlebars ... maybe I should include more fotos and explanation. I had less than that to go on with the Bentech plans.

side view

welded posts and attached V-brake.
(20" front fork - thrift store bike)

Didn't have enough posts to weld on the rear ones too
so I simply cut this off a front fork and welded it on in one piece.

It has to go underneath due to chain routing issues.

view down the length -- it's straight!


sleepless said...

WOW that is quite the project you have going there !! TRICKY too !! Good Luck with that !!

Freth :-p said...

How about sewing a seat cover??
As long as you are sleepless anyway ... :0)