Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DeltaWolf Trike - Modified

The rear end was cut off, re-positioned, welded back on, and a cargo rack made and welded on.  The seat now rides higher.

Here is the DeltaWolf Trike as originally built ...

Rear end of original DeltaWolf Trike.

Here the rear end has been cut off and reconfigured.

This is a cargo rack that I welded up out of 1/2' tubing.

Here's the rack mounted on the delta trike.

Here it is with a large ice chest mounted on the rack.

Don, the new owner ...

My grandsons and Don tested it out.  Works great, seat has higher ground clearance which also gives higher pedal to ground clearance.  The seat is more vertical to compensate for the ice chest.  So this is more of an around town, shopping kind of ride.  It has 20" rear wheels and a 16" front wheel.

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