Friday, February 7, 2014

A Quick View of My Shop

I'm starting with my workbench and rotating 360 degrees to the right.

This is my workbench.  Drill press on the left.  Vise and mig welder on the right.  I'm using flux core wire, no gas.  On the lower shelf to the left is my 4-1/2" hand grinder.  It makes the welds look good.

Between the bench and the cabinet on the right ... mostly smaller front wheels.

Additional parts and tool storage.  I even have a bicycle maintenance book!

Here is a TE Clone (upside down), a couple of parts frames, and a stack of rear wheels.

On the left, my warrior trike frame (upside down).  A Sun SWB Speedster.  And a SWB Bentech (upside down).

Boxes of cut up parts, a wind chime, and a couple of wheels.

A cargo trike and a couple more donor bikes.  (not seen in the background is a LWB Mach3.

A Long-Tom cargo bike that still needs the steering bar to be bent and hooked up to the front wheel.

There are a few more frames hanging around, but that is about it for my current crop of "projects".

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