Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chain Drive 2

Busy today taking brake levers and shifters off of handlebar units.  I put the tube on the non-drive portion of the chain.  And having done that, I had to go out and test ride it on the street again.  There are definite speed limitations when you can only use the small gear on the front.  With no brakes, leaning into a turn, slapping the bars as far as they will go in one direction -- I am amazed at how tight a turn it will make!!!  Severe fun! 

There it is with the rollers for the drive chain and the tube for the back chain.  I figured I could use the tube holders to function as chain keepers ... so the drive chain doesn't pop out of the pulleys.  In this configuration I have the back chain directly below the drive chain.  We'll see how it works.  If there are any problems yet unknown, I may have to move it parallel to and slightly below the drive chain.

Here's the front roller with the tube holder ...

Here's the rear roller with the tube holder which is tacked to the bottom of the frame.

Today if you look down under the seat, you can see the evidence of the chain tube.
FYI - It is 24" between the tips of my handlebars. Has anyone crossed their brake lines?  I'm thinking of it because there would be less tight turns and concerns with the cables.  The tires on the front wheels are airless.  That makes a bit more noise and drag ... but would probably last longer than normal tires, if the trike was motorized.

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