Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Friction Thumb Shifters

Someone sent a request asking for closeup photos of the shift levers I put on my trike. 

The brand name on the lever and the spring clamp is "Lubao".

The flat spring hooks over the nub protruding to the left.  You kind of have to hold it in place while screwing in the phillips head screw visible on the top of that box thing.

Here you can see the screw from the backside of the unit.  On the left (angled towards you) is the thumb lever.

Here's the view from front side.  I just slid it into place and screwed it down until it firmly clamped.

I tried to find the brand on the internet, but was unable to find anything other than a town named Lubao in the Phillipines.  Do a search for "friction thumb shifters" and look at the Suntour & Shimano ones.  The Falcon ones are a bit cheap in construction.

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